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How to Get to Bilkent
When you Arrive in Ankara

The Office of Exchange Programs will provide airport pick-up services on the official arrival dates at 12:00 and 16:00 by arranging shuttle buses from Esenboğa Airport to Bilkent University Campus. Please contact the office for the bus schedules. (Upon arrival at the Esenboğa International Terminal in Ankara, please look for the Bilkent sign, as there will be Bilkent host student waiting for you.


You can use HAVAS shuttle bus service that connects Esenboga airport to Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ).

For further details please go to:

You need to take a taxi after your arrival at the AŞTİ Terminal to get to Bilkent University. It will cost around 40 TL ( approx. 13 Euros or 14 US Dollars ) from AŞTİ to Bilkent University. Please make sure that you have enough amount of TL with you as you have to pay in cash.

Bilkent Transportation Services

Going Downtown Ankara
There is a free shuttle service from both Main and East Campus to two convenient locations in downtown Ankara, Sıhhiye and Tunus, (including after hours and weekends).

The Downtown bus service is free with your Bilkent Student ID.

Route signs on buses:

TM = Tunus-Merkez (Tunus-Main Campus)
TD = Tunus-Doğu (Tunus-East Campus)
SM = Sıhhiye-Merkez (Sıhhiye-Main Campus)
SD = Sıhhiye-Doğu (Sıhhiye-East Campus)

Main Campus Bus service (Ring)
(Main Campus Ring)
There is a free shuttle bus service running around the campus starting from the faculty housing going through the stops with "RING" sign on them up to the dormitories about every twenty minutes.

Inter-Campus Bus Service (Ring)
(Main Campus - Middle Campus - East Campus)
There is a free shuttle bus service connecting Main, Middle and East campus on a regular basis.

*Most students walk to classes from their dormitories, as it is easier, faster and a pleasant way to get to know the campus.

Urban Transportation

City Bus Transportation
EGO (Elektrik-Gaz-Otobüs) is the acronym for public bus transportation in Ankara . You can purchase single and multiple use bus cards at most newspaper kiosks, at EGO booths, and at Metro and Ankaray stations. Private "Halk" buses also provide transportation. EGO cards are not accepted on these buses. Tickets are purchased onboard from a conductor seated near the entrance. For routes and rates, see

Metro and Ankaray
Ankara has a very clean, efficient underground rail system. There are two lines - Ankaray and Metro. You can use the same EGO payment card that you use on city run buses. For Metro and Ankaray routes and rates, visit the website

Intercity Travel

Ankara Şehirlerarası Terminal İşletmesi - Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ) is located on Konya Road and it is the last stop of Ankaray underground system. There, you will find buses with service to virtually every location in Turkey. Bus transportation is an efficient and affordable way to travel. All bus companies are privately owned, and may have varying service schedules. It is best to make a reservation in advance for your trip. Please note that a single person is generally seated next to a passenger of the same sex.

Traveling by train (TCDD-Turkish State Railways) can be enjoyable and inexpensive, although there are not as many routes available as there are with buses. Train tickets are sold at many travel agencies and at the main station (İstasyon or Gar). Special rates are offered to teachers. You may benefit from this discount if you show your ID. The best way to get to the train station is to take the Sıhhiye bus (either SD or SM) from the University campus. Get off at the last stop by the Sıhhiye Bridge and take a dolmuş or a taxi. Even though the main train station is within walking distance, it might be difficult to do so with luggage. For more detailed information, visit the Turkish State Railway's website at


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